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Apologetics Network Member

Jonathan Hayashi

Holt, MO

Biographical Information:
Jonathan Hayashi is a 2020 graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a doctoral degree in biblical counseling and a 2014 graduate of Moody Theological Seminary with a master's degree in congregational leadership.

He also serves as a trustee of Southwest Baptist University, and as a commissioner for the Missouri Commission of Human Rights. Additionally, he is a contributor for "The Pathway" (Missouri Baptist Convention) and "For The Church" (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary).

He is the author of "Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-Centered Discipleship" and "Making Lemonade: Turning Past Failures into Gospel Opportunities."

Topics Covered:
Introduction to Christian apologetics; fideist apologetics; world religions; worldviews; the existence of God; Imago-Dei; biblical studies; the problem of evil; the doctrine of soteriology; the doctrine of Christology; the doctrine of bibliology; biblical exegesis.
Phone: 312-730-2954