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Vacation Bible School is not all about the THEME; it is all about the CONTENT!

Everything we do for our kids needs to be top-notch.  Quality and excellence are hallmarks parents seek and demand for their kids.  How then do we determine what will provide the best possible event for kids to come to know Jesus?

Here are seven distinct characteristics to look for when deciding what Vacation Bible School to use.

  1. Gospel Centered – the whole purpose of Vacation Bible School is to prepare attenders to accept Jesus as Savior and grow in their walk with God. Saturate your VBS with opportunities to share the gospel. Allow time for kids to ponder what is shared with them and provide a means for kids to respond without pressure.
  2. Trustworthy Content – materials need to be biblically accurate and present the gospel in a clear manner. Many people will be involved in teaching and everything shared with VBS attenders needs to be steeped in truth and accuracy.
  3. In-Depth Bible Study – biblical content needs to stretch to cover those who have never heard the bible, all the way to growing strong disciples. Not everyone who comes to VBS has a solid foundation, but some who attend have come for years and need to be able to grow stronger in their faith.
  4. For All Ages – what better VBS than to have the whole family attend? Whenever possible, all age groups need to be included. It could be through a “family” style VBS, where families stay together and develop family worship skills in addition to learning VBS lessons.  Or age groups can be separate, but still studying the same materials which allows for discussion, sharing, clarification, and stronger family dynamics.
  5. Flexible & Customizable – not every VBS fits into the same time frame or daily schedule. Your community, neighborhoods, locations, facilities and calendar will determine how and when your church schedules VBS. Consideration may be given to other churches in your location community as well. Look for opportunities to coordinate with other churches so kids may have access to biblical training all summer long!
  6. Equips Parents – VBS offers great examples for parents and kids to begin, continue or expand family worship.
  7. Finally, during VBS, every activity is focused on the lesson at hand. Everything planned for a session must point kids and families to the bible lesson, understanding of what the lesson means and how to apply God’s word in their daily life.

VBS Certificates and Reports

To receive a VBS Certificate, churches must complete the requirements listed in the VBS Standard. Download, edit and print your own VBS Standard or VBS Advanced Standard certificate.  Click the certificate you earned, enter your information, and print.  If you need assistance, please contact Pam Jeffries at 1-800-736-6227 ext. 337. In order to easily edit these files, you must download and view them using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available here).  To download these files, right click on the links below and choose “Save As…”

2023 Church VBS Certificate
2023 Associational VBS Certificate 

Report your VBS info online at vbs.lifeway.com/churchreport. No login credentials required.