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What We Believe

The Baptist Faith & Message 2000: A Confession of Faith

The Baptist Faith & Message 2000 is the Southern Baptist Convention’s statement of faith. It serves as a guide to Southern Baptist perspectives on issues ranging from the Scriptures, God, and salvation to education, religious liberty, and the family. While each autonomous Missouri Baptist church is free to create its own statement of faith, all Missouri Baptist churches agree to carry out their unique gospel ministries in accordance with the BF&M 2000.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Ethnic Conciliation

Our vision as the missionary staff of the Missouri Baptist Convention is to transform lives and communities with the gospel. We pursue this vision by cooperating with all Missouri Baptists to make disciples, multiply churches, and develop leaders. And we carry out this mission in submission to biblical authority, which sets the standards for diversity and ethnic conciliation.

Resource on the Doctrine of Ordination

At the December 3, 2019, Georgia Baptists Administration Committee meeting, the Administration Committee received and considered questions and concerns regarding the issue of ordination among Georgia Baptist churches. In an effort to address these concerns and to assist Georgia Baptist churches in examining the doctrine of ordination through a biblical lens, the Administration Committee formed a task force to write a resource regarding ordination to share with its Executive Committee as a matter of information.

Georgia Baptists recognized the value of this position paper to all state convention networks in the Southern Baptist Convention. Therefore, the free resource has been edited to accommodate general usage.

The Missouri Baptist Convention’s Executive Board and missionary staff are grateful for the good work of our brothers and sisters in Georgia who provided this resource. Some minor edits have been made for grammar and clarity.