VBS in a Box

Many churches will be unable to do a traditional VBS this summer, but there are 54,000 reasons to still do VBS in some form. Last summer, 54,000 children put their faith in Jesus through VBS and despite Covid-19 we hope your church does not give up on VBS this year. In order to help churches still do VBS this year, we have put together VBS in a Box which is a video based VBS that churches or families can use to do VBS at home or in small groups. We have recorded five days of VBS including every element of a typical day of VBS: worship rally, music, crafts, missions, the lesson (both for elementary age and preschool), and recreation. To access this material, all your church needs to do is register and you will be sent a link to the videos you can then share with your church members. The reason we are asking churches to register is because we want to be able to follow up with them and see how VBS went this summer.

You will still need to purchase some materials from LifeWay in order to get the full impact of VBS. There will be a list of recommended curriculum and materials to enhance your VBS in a Box experience. The cost is minimal and will transform your VBS in a Box into an interactive learning experience that will supplement the videos we have produced.

If you have any questions or issues with the VBS in a Box material, feel free to contact either Jason Walters, jwalters@mobaptist.org, or Tamara Parry, tparry@mobaptist.org.

VBS in a Box FAQs

What all is included in VBS in a Box?

Your FREE registration will give you access to five days’ worth of VBS elements so you can construct your own VBS experience.

  • 5 days of worship rally
  • 5 days of music
  • 5 days of crafts
  • 5 days of missions
  • 5 days of elementary age lessons
  • 5 days of preschool age lessons
  • 5 days of recreation

The only things you will need to purchase are some curriculum from LifeWay at a minimal cost and supplies for the daily crafts.

Who can use VBS in a Box?

Anyone, all we ask is that the church register with us. Once your church has registered we will send a link to access the videos. The link can be shared with anyone in your church, we just ask that churches keep track of who all they have sent the link to in order to properly follow up with them.

Why do churches have to register?

We are asking churches to register so we can follow up with them and see how VBS in a Box worked for them. We are required to report on all churches that participated in VBS every year and by having churches register, we can more easily keep track of who participated in VBS in a Box.

What is the cost for VBS in a Box?

There is no cost to register or use the VBS in a Box videos. You will need to purchase some curriculum from LifeWay in order to get the full impact of the material. Children learn best through interactive experiences and simply having them watch the videos without engaging in the activities designed to go along with them is not an optimal way to learn and engage with the lessons.

Do we have to purchase the LifeWay curriculum?

We highly recommend that you purchase the curriculum that goes along with the videos. Your children simply will not the full impact of the teaching if they just watch the videos. Children are interactive learners and the curriculum will add interactive activities to enhance the teachings from the videos.

Does my church have to belong to the Missouri Baptist Convention to use VBS in a Box?

No! We are glad to share VBS in a Box with any church that is interested in using the material regardless of their location or denominational affiliation.

What is the best way to use VBS in a Box?

The VBS in a Box material was designed primarily for families to use at home to do VBS on their own over five days. However, feel free to take the videos and use them in any way you see fit to create your own VBS experience. You can pick and choose which videos to use for a one-day VBS, a weekend VBS, etc. The only limit to how to use the VBS in a Box material is your own creativity.