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Transitional Pastor Ministry

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What is a Transitional Pastor?

A transitional pastor serves a church during the time period that occurs between permanent pastors. This time of transition is often treated by many church members as a “hold things together, keep things going” period. For nominal church members it is likely a time to “wait and see” what new leadership (or lack of leadership) will bring. With effective transitional leadership, this time period between pastors can be very productive—a time of growth in personal and congregational awareness, a time of renewal, and celebration; and a time when people are sometimes attracted to the church by a resurgence in congregational involvement in worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, as well as personal and family ministries of the church.

Churches transitioning from the leadership of one pastor to another may be well served by transitional pastors who help this time period be as positive and constructive as possible, by helping the church gain momentum and be productive during the process of change.

Transitional Pastor Training

This training is highly recommended for all MBC Transitional Pastors.

Our Transitional Pastor Network Trainers have determined that this training will employ the more extensive LifeWay Training material used by most of our SBC state conventions because it has a proven track record.

More information coming soon…