MBC Touchpoints

How your state missionaries connect with Missouri Baptists

Missouri Baptists are a diverse group of half a million followers of Jesus, who worship and serve in more than 1,700 independent churches across the state.

These churches cooperate voluntarily to transform lives and communities with the gospel. They network, share finances, and volunteer resources through associations, the Missouri Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.

But in the midst of this dizzying array of kingdom work, how do Missouri Baptists stay connected with one another?

“One of the key roles of the MBC missionary staff is to create and maintain a vibrant network of cooperating churches,” according to John Yeats, executive director of the MBC. “We are not a hierarchy or a top-down organization. Rather, we respect the biblical principles of the priesthood of the believer and the autonomy of the local church. With the Baptist Faith & Message as our theological guide, our missionary staff strives to make it easier for Missouri Baptists and MBC churches to work together for the sake of the gospel.”

One way MBC missionaries connect Missouri Baptists is through dozens of “touchpoints.” These are points of contact designed to facilitate two-way communication among Missouri Baptists and their local churches.

Specifically, the MBC offers touchpoints in five general areas:

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