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Job Descriptions

Writing a Job Description

Have you ever said, “I didn’t know that was my job?” A comprehensive job description allows you to realistically and consistently establish job content against measurable criteria.

The job description of a church staff person is determined by your church and should reflect your church’s ministry philosophies and basically outline the work to be done.

An effective job description is an integral ingredient of your staff relationship, establishing the what, how, and why of your position in a clear, concise format.


  1. Purpose: State the overall objective of the position clearly and concisely, including why the position exists.
  2. Reporting Relationship: Indicate the title of the position and to whom they report.
  3. Specific Responsibilities: State succinctly the critical responsibilities, tasks and duties in order of priority. It is helpful to begin each responsibility with an action verb, such as: approve, assist, conduct, coordinate, delegate, design, establish, evaluate, facilitate, guide, handle, implement, improve, instruct, maintain, manage, operate, plan, prepare, present, recruit, schedule, strengthen, teach, train, and troubleshoot.

The sample job descriptions listed on our website are just tools to help churches have some examples to work with when developing their own unique documents.

Sample Job Description