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Deacon Ministry Handbook

Deacons are leading servants vital for the health of churches. Gaining a clear understanding of deacon ministry is essential to discover, develop, and deploy deacons in your church. Below, we highlight several resources that can help you develop a robust deacon ministry. 
For a full treatment of deacon ministry check out: The Deacon Ministry Handbook (produced by Lifeway). “Through this book, Alan Witham, Steve Rice, and their teammates bring clarity to the role of deacon by providing a practical guide that serves as The Deacon Ministry Handbook.”

Other Resources

Qualifications for Deacons

Deacons play a pivotal role in the church, so prior to ordaining a deacon, it is important to consider the Biblical qualifications for a deacon. Click here to download.

Guidelines for Ordination

Click here to download this simple and concise set of guidelines for the ordination of a deacon.

Sample Ordination Service

This complete and precise sample ordination service can acts as a guide for churches as they prepare to undertake the important task of ordaining a deacon. Click here to download.