Why the GCC is on hiatus in 2020

By Brad Bennett
Director, Making Disciples

The Great Commission Conference, formally known as the Evangelism Conference, has been one the longest-standing equipping events in our state, and we are evaluating its current effectiveness. There was a day when attendance was well over 1,000 people. In recent years, however, it has dwindled significantly.

Because of low attendance and the significant financial investment required to host the event, we are officially making the decision to put the GCC on hold for 2020 in order to prayerfully evaluate the conference in light of the MBC’s vision and mission. We want to consider alternatives that could possibly promote evangelism/disciple-making more effectively across our state.

Our hiatus from the GCC is in no way a retreat from evangelism/discipleship. Quite the contrary, it is hitting the pause button to prayerfully consider whether there are more effective ways to be even stronger together as Missouri Baptists to transform lives and communities with the gospel.

We are making available a list some possible equipping conferences that might be valuable for you as a 2020 alternative.

Please check back regularly as we keep you updated about how the Lord leads us to consider an equipping conference in 2021.