October is Cooperative Program Month, and here are five simple ways to help your church members learn more about the eternal impact of CP. By the way, all materials are free.

  1. Show a video. Most CP videos are 1-3 minutes in length, ideal for a worship or Bible study setting. New videos include: “Why I’m for CP: Stephanie Wood-Bliven’s Story,” “A Calling to Adoption: Ron & Terri Robinson,” and “Where do your CP gifts go?”
  2. Use flyers and bulletin inserts to teach your congregation about how the Cooperative Program helps Missouri Baptists carry out the Great Commission. This includes the new pamphlet, “7 Ways the Cooperative Program Helps Your Church.”
  3. Give each member of your congregation a bookmark for promoting the Cooperative Program in Missouri.
  4. Hang up copies of the poster, “How the Cooperative Program Works.”
  5. Distribute the children’s activity book, “Let’s Share Together!” Order copies online or by calling the MBC.

Pastors also may want to share a message on stewardship, missions, or evangelism/discipleship – all of which are enhanced through the cooperative efforts of Missouri Baptists.