Better Together

By Robert J. Matz and John Mark Yeats

Better Together is a compelling introduction to the cooperative work of Southern Baptists.

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Cooperation – As kids, we all learned the importance of working together. As adults, we discovered how cooperation can literally change lives.

What would happen if your church increased its efforts to make a difference around the world for the gospel? What if your congregation cooperated with other churches to multiply our capabilities to reach the lost for Christ?

Better Together is a compelling introduction to the cooperative work of Southern Baptists. Designed as a resource for group or individual study, you can discover why Southern Baptists are passionate about working together to change the world.

This is unfortunate, because Jude speaks volumes about the value of Christian apologetics. The Last Apologist is more than a verse-by-verse commentary. Each chapter explores key words and phrases, and poses thought-provoking questions that make this a handy resource for personal or group study.Afterlife briefly addresses what the Bible says about death, judgment, heaven, hell, and much more.

Our response to God’s offer of salvation carries everlasting consequences.

Each chapter concludes with probing questions, making this an ideal resource for personal or group study.

CP Stories (52 Sundays)

CP Stories—a missions resource showing the local, national, and global impact of the Cooperative Program—is a weekly journal and prayer guide for churches, which tells of missions work of the International Mission Board (IMB), the North American Mission Board (NAMB), and state conventions.

What is the Cooperative Program?

This four-page bulletin insert describes the Cooperative Program and how it works. Inside, see how every penny your church sends to CP is invested in missions in Missouri, throughout North America, and around the world.

7 Ways the Cooperative Program Helps Your Church

This brochure explains what the Cooperative Program is, how it works, and how it benefits your local church. Use it to show your church how Missouri Baptists work together to carry out the Great Commission.
Download: Full Color (.pdf)

Introducing the Missouri Baptist Convention

This single-sheet insert defines the MBC as a network of nearly 1,800 independent Southern Baptist churches that work together to carry out the great commission. It also offers the MBC’s vision and mission, and shows how the MBC mission staff serves Missouri Baptists.

How does CP work? (Poster)

This poster gives an outline showing how cooperative program giving in your church works to support great commission efforts in Missouri and around the world.

Bookmark for Promoting CP in Missouri

This handsome bookmark is packed with information about CP – what CP is, how it works, and why it’s important. Available in English and Spanish.

Children's CP Activity Book

Featuring stories, puzzles, mazes, and quizzes, Let’s Share Together! is an excellent resource for Sunday school, VBS, and other activities where kids learn about missionaries, cooperation, and sharing Jesus with people all around us.

Meet Southern Baptists (PowerPoint)

Download, share, and show this Powerpoint presentation that briefly describes Southern Baptists, Missouri Baptists, and our work together through the Cooperative Program.

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