The Cooperative Program (CP) is the funding process Southern Baptists have used since 1925 to support missions and evangelism at the state, national, and international levels. Through CP the mission of one church is extended to ministries that reach the lost, hungry, and hurting.

What is the Cooperative Program?

The Cooperative Program (CP) is the funding process Southern Baptists have used since 1925 to support missions at the state, national, and international levels. Through CP, the ministry reach of one church extends around the world as 47,000 cooperating churches join hands to fulfill the Great Commission.

How does CP work?

The Cooperative Program begins with you – your tithes and offerings to your local church. Your church, in turn, commits a percentage of its annual budget to the Cooperative Program and sends its CP gifts to the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC), which distributes CP funds from all 1,800 MBC – affiliated churches according to an approved plan.

Specifically, the MBC invests 62 percent of CP giving in Missouri missions and related causes, such as the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, The Baptist Home, and Christian higher education, and sends the remaining 38 percent to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

The SBC uses CP funds from Missouri and 40 other state conventions – more than 47,000 local churches combined – to support nearly 9,000 full – time missionaries, six seminaries, and ethics and religious liberty.

Why give through the Cooperative Program?

Your Cooperative Program giving comes back to you – in training, events, evangelism and discipleship resources, church – staff retirement and insurance benefits, and other ministries for the local church.

CP supports evangelism, church multiplication, church revitalization, disaster relief, children’s homes, homes for the aged, Christian higher education, human trafficking rescue ministries, student and collegiate ministries, hunger relief, partnership missions, transitional pastor training, Missouri Baptist news and information, summer missions, and so much more – and that’s just in Missouri.

CP enables every giver and every local church to make an impact for Christ in Missouri, throughout North America, and around the world.

Times of Emphasis

Twice each year, the Cooperative Program is highlighted: In the spring, Cooperative Program Day is held in April; in the fall, October is designated Cooperative Program Month. Our office provides CP Materials to help in the promotion for these two events.

CP Informational Resources

Get involved in the Cooperative Program by discovering more through these informational resources:

Remittance Form: To download and print remittance forms with your church’s SBC ID number, login to your account on SBC Workspace (Noah). If you don’t know your church’s login information, send an email request to Once you’ve logged in, click on the drop-down menu for Organizations. Then, click on Reports and look for the link to Remittance Form.

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