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Community Ministry

As the COVID-19 crisis stretches from weeks into months, the churches response to the crisis must increasingly shift from learning online resources and social distancing practices over into showing the love of Christ in our neighborhoods. The resource below are a great way to start.

Last week an infectious disease epidemiologist shared this regarding the Christian response to COVID-19, “Right now, we don’t need churches to build a bunch of new programs. What we need is for the people who attend those churches to simply be good neighbors, and to do it in a careful and thoughtful manner.” Hearing that prompted Dave Runyon with the Art of Neighboring to create a list of “Covid Informed Neighboring” tips and tools that are specific the moment that we are living in. This list has been reviewed by public health officials to avoid putting anyone at greater risk.

Good Neighboring is one of the smartest things that churches and Christians can do in order to make a difference during this season. Please feel free to use this resource and share it with others.

Download the COVID-19 Neighboring Toolkit