Reaching the nations… Right here in Missouri!

As we see more foreign born and international students coming to Missouri, some of us respond with joy, some with frustration and some are simply perplexed. Read through this booklet and watch these videos to catch a glimpse of how God might have you respond.

Who is My Neighbor?

This little booklet will show you how God’s command to take the gospel to the nations can be obeyed in your own community. Learn how you can make a difference. Download Now (.pdf)

Books and materials

Barriers and Bridges (.pdf): A handy guide to understanding some of the most prevalent non-Christian religions in the U.S., including those embraced by many immigrants, and how to avoid barriers to reaching them for Christ, through building effective bridges of witness.

Reaching Hispanics in North America: A book written by Hispanics in the U.S. about Hispanics in the U.S. Reaching Hispanics in North America gives a broad understanding of the culture of, and diversity among, Hispanics in North America, and how best to partner with, evangelize, plant churches, and grow Hispanic congregations.

Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration, and Missions by J.D.  Payne: In rapidly increasing numbers western nations are experiencing growth of immigrants from other lands. Strangers Next Door shares insight into how the church should respond to this great opportunity for Kingdom growth.

Ministering Cross Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships: Explores the concept of being incarnational in ministering to those who are from other cultures. Understanding the basic concepts of differing values and worldview from one’s own is of paramount importance in ministering effectively across cultures.

Church Growth International: Looking for simple, cost effective resources in reaching the nations? Church Growth International  helps fill that need with resources in multiple languages that assist in sowing the gospel seed, maturing believers, planting churches, and training up new leaders within the church.

Multiethnic MBC Organization Documents

These documents are the same as those listed above, but are available in Korean and Spanish.


Baptist Faith and Message (Various Languages)