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If you cannot find a church by searching by its full name, try using a shortened version. (Ex. use “Crossroad” instead of “Crossroad Baptist Church.”)

Numbered Baptist churches are listed by city name. (Ex. “Moberly” instead of “First Baptist Church, Moberly”)

Complete Listing:

Allen Street Baptist Church, Clinton
210 W Allen St
Clinton, MO 64735-2650
Phone: 660-885-2127
Association: n/a
Church Website
Allendale Baptist Church
2300 Washington St
Allendale, MO 64420
Phone: n/a
Association: n/a
Allenville Baptist Church, Chaffee
175 N Emmons St
Chaffee, MO 63740-8056
Phone: n/a
Association: n/a
Alpha Baptist Church, Laredo
690 SE 70th St
Laredo, MO 64652-9700
Phone: (660) 286-3235
Association: n/a
Alpine Baptist Church, Barnhart
3112 Grandview Pl
Barnhart, MO 63012
Phone: (636) 479-7888
Association: n/a
Church Website
Alta Vista Baptist Church, Weatherby
10653 Prairie Ave
Weatherby, MO 64497-8100
Phone: (816) 632-1397
Association: n/a
Altona Baptist Church, Adrian
12468 NE State Route Z
Adrian, MO 64720
Phone: (816) 297-2076
Association: n/a
Amsterdam Baptist Church
8517 NW High St
Amsterdam, MO 64723
Phone: 660-267-3455
Association: n/a
Amy Baptist Church, Caulfield
2498 County Road 7320
Caulfield, MO 65626-9350
Phone: (417) 256-4418
Association: n/a
Anaconda Baptist Church, St Clair
422 Pickles Ford Rd
Saint Clair, MO 63077-4451
Phone: (314) 852-2253
Association: n/a