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If you cannot find a church by searching by its full name, try using a shortened version. (Ex. use “Crossroad” instead of “Crossroad Baptist Church.”)

Numbered Baptist churches are listed by city name. (Ex. “Moberly” instead of “First Baptist Church, Moberly”)

Complete Listing:

Yellow Creek Baptist Church, Green City
60216 Orion Rd
Green City, MO 63545-2228
Phone: n/a
Association: Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Yesu Ni Jibu Church, Kansas City
3417 E 12th St
Kansas City, MO 64127-1551
Phone: (816) 838-6811
Association: Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association
Zion Baptist Church, Cainsville
18971 Egret Ave
Cainsville, MO 64632-3515
Phone: n/a
Association: Harrison Baptist Association
Zoar Baptist Church, Napton
32125 185th Trl
Napton, MO 65340-5052
Phone: n/a
Association: Missouri Valley Baptist Association