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  • January – (1) When counterfeit Christianity comes knocking; (2) The deity of Christ in the New Testament; (3) Are some Christian beliefs non-negotiable? (4) What does it mean to contend for the faith? (5) Commentary on Isaiah; (6) Who are those guys? (7) Now on Audible: Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • December – (1) Who is the angel of the LORD? (2) Jesus in the Old Testament; (3) Jude: A slave of Jesus Christ; (4) What is the kingdom of heaven? (5) Are Jude and Peter plagiarists? (6) Now on Audible: Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • November – (1) When counterfeit Christianity comes knocking; (2) Answering common objections to the Bible – Part 2; (3) God as the Father of Israel; (4) A verse-by-verse commentary on Jude; (5) God as Father of the church; (6) Coming soon: Jesus Before Bethlehem on Audible.
  • October – (1) Answering common objections to the Bible – Part 1; (2) The Fatherhood of God; (3) The curious case of King Saul and the medium; (4) What is the Enneagram secret? (5) The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; (6) Coming soon to Audible: Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • September – (1) New book casts doubt on Joseph Smith’s alleged visions; (2) The Father is God; (3) What does it mean to be regenerated? (4) Meet Missouri Baptist defenders of the faith; (5) Seven promises in Revelation 22 – Part 2; (6) Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • August – (1) The personhood of God; (2) Watch Witnesses Now for Jesus – Midwest; (3) A look into Gehenna; (4) The persons of the Trinity: distinct, not separate; (5) Seven promises in Revelation 22 – Part 1; (7) Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • July – (1) Robert Bowman to headline Witnesses Now for Jesus; (2) A look into Hades; (3) One Church, All People; (4) A look into Tartarus; (5) Hebrew Scriptures and the Trinity; (6) The Trinity and other gods; (7) Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • June – (1) The LORD our God is one; (2) A look into Sheol; (3) What every Christian should know about salvation; (4) How Scripture uses the word “God”; (5) Meet Colten Wright; (6) New book from High Street Press.
  • May – (1) What you should know about the afterlife; (2) False views of the Trinity; (3) A study of 1 Timothy; (4) The failure of analogies; (5) Jesus in the feasts of Israel; (6) New from High Street Press.
  • April – (1) Ten reasons we suffer; (2) Three simple truths about the Trinity; (3) A different kind of commentary; (4) Is the doctrine of the Trinity a late invention? (5) Jesus in the feast of Passover.
  • March – (1) Why study the Trinity? (2) Is God guilty of genocide? (3) Defining the Trinity; (4) Pick up your copy of The Apologist’s Tool Kit; (5) Check out Missouri apologists; (6) Coming this summer: Jesus Before Bethlehem.
  • February – (1) The Word became flesh; (2) Host an apologetics workshop at your church; (3) Ten biblical truths about life beyond the grave; (4) Will a man rob God? (5) Does the Bible teach generational curses? (6) Engaging Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • January – (1) Have Jews and Christians corrupted the Bible? (2) Can we trust the New Testament manuscripts? (3) Is heaven our final home (Part 1)? (4) Meet Daniel Weyand; (5) Is heaven our final home (Part 2)? (6) Engaging Latter-day Saints.