Dave Van Bebber

MBAN Secretary-Treasurer 2019-2021
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Buffalo, MO

Biographical Information:
Dave VanBebber serves as pastor of First Baptist Church of Buffalo, Mo. He holds degrees from Southwest Baptist University (SBU), Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Missouri State University. At SBU, he was a member of the university’s speech and debate team.

Dave was saved by grace through faith at the age of six; called to ministry at nine; and called to preach at 15. He loves God’s Word and believe it is true with all his heart. He and his wife, Valerie, have four children: John, Evie, Violet, and Elisha.

Topics Covered:
Informal fallacies; presuppositional apologetics; the problem of evil; apologetic debate (and debate training); worldview analysis of current events; first-level doctrines; incorporating apologetics into preaching; and how to organize an apologetics conference.
Phone: 785-341-9260