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Apologetics Network Member

Ed Croteau

Lay Pastor - Apologetics
Abundant Life Church
Lees Summit, MO

Biographical Information:
Ed Croteau directs the apologetics ministry for Abundant Life Church in Lees Summit and hosts his own weekly class entitled “Faith, Substance and Evidence,” where he teaches teenagers, millennials, parents and grandparents how to share their reasons for why they have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

Ed also writes a weekly newspaper column for the Lees Summit Tribune entitled “The Evidence of Faith’s Substance,” where he ties biblical truth to current cultural issues in America today.

He also speaks in churches and engages in debates with skeptics on reasons for the robustness of the Christian faith, as well as speaking at conferences on Christian apologetics.

He is the author of five books: Faith Substance and Evidence Classroom Workbook; Worldviews, Truth and Evidence; The Origin of Man; Biblical Reliability and the Person of Jesus Christ; and God’s Will for My Life.

Topics Covered:
Introduction to Christian apologetics; American cultural worldviews; creation vs. evolution; biblical reliability; the deity of Jesus Christ; the doctrines of salvation.
Phone: 816-394-8816