Bruce Clark

Reasonable Faith (South St. Louis Chapter)
DeSoto, MO

Biographical Information:
Bruce Clark is an ordained bi-vocational minister currently serving in a full-time IT management role at large telecommunications company and as a Christian apologist. Bruce has served as pastor, interim pastor, and guest speaker/teacher over the years.

He currently serves as director for the South Greater St. Louis Reasonable Faith Chapter, as a network apologist for the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network, and as a guest teacher/speaker.

Clark holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies and philosophy from Missouri Baptist University, and an MDiv-c from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Bruce and his wife Terri of 34 years have three daughters and currently reside with their youngest daughter near De Soto, Mo.

Topics Covered:
Kalam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God; historicity of the resurrection of Jesus; reality of the human soul.
Phone: 314-680-0664