Resolutions and Motions

Annual Meeting Resolutions & Motions

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion or intention, while a motion is a call for action. Unlike a resolution, a motion may direct an entity of the Missouri Baptist Convention to specific action. Resolutions and motions are discussed and voted on during the MBC Annual Meeting.

What is a Resolution?

The adoption of any resolution is viewed as an expression of the messengers’ sentiment and serves as guidance and information, but does not direct action by MBC Entities, churches, associations, or individual Missouri Baptists. (Bylaw 6G)

Committee on Resolutions

Each year, the President of the Missouri Baptist Convention appoints a Committee on Resolutions within ninety (90) days after his election. The Committee drafts and submits to the messengers such resolutions as it determines appropriate and provides a disposition report. (Bylaw 5B, 1b)

Resolutions must be submitted in writing to the Committee on Resolutions at least sixty (60) days prior to the first session of the Annual Meeting. The person submitting a resolution must certify that he or she will be a messenger to the Annual Meeting. The Christian Life Commission may submit resolutions directly to the Committee on Resolutions. The author of any resolution may address the Committee on Resolutions during their deliberations. Only resolutions recommended by the Committee on Resolutions may be considered, except a properly submitted resolution not recommended by the Committee may be considered by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the messengers. No person may submit more than three (3) resolutions per year. (Bylaw 6H)

The final report of the Committee on Resolutions will be printed in the Tuesday Afternoon Bulletin. Resolutions are approved by messengers during a regular session of the Annual Meeting.

Writing a Resolution

Resolution writing generally follows conventional lines. A resolution is usually couched in almost legal phrasing, consisting of two parts: (a) the reasons for the resolution, preceded by WHEREAS, and (b) the resolution itself preceded by be it RESOLVED; in case of more than one “RESOLVED,” be it further RESOLVED.

Properly submitted resolutions must include the following information:

  1. Title of resolution
  2. Date submitted
  3. Author’s name, address, phone & email
  4. Church Name, address, phone & email (if church has no phone or email, then provide the Pastor’s name, phone & email).

Download Example of a Properly Submitted Resolution (.pdf)

Deadline to submit resolutions for consideration is August 24.

Resolutions should be sent either by email to or by mail to Resolutions Committee, Missouri Baptist Convention, 400 East High Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101-3215.

Pre-file Motions and Amendments

If messengers have a motion they plan to submit at the 2023 MBC Annual Meeting, they are welcome to pre-file that motion with the recording secretary at

However, the messenger must appear at a microphone during time for introduction of miscellaneous business and introduce their motion to the messengers attending the Annual Meeting.

If a messenger wants to amend a motion, they may also file the amendment with the Recording Secretary, but you must appear at a microphone and present the amendment to the messengers at the appropriate time.

Pre-filing allows the president and the recording secretary to more readily see the messenger’s exact wording for the proposed motion or amendment.