Ministry Contact Directory

The following is an alphabetical listing of ministry areas and extensions at the Missouri Baptist Convention.

The number next to each area is the phone number extension for that area.

The Missouri Baptist Convention’s main switchboard number is: 573-636-0400. The toll free number is 800-736-6227.



Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
ACP (Annual Church Profile) – Pam Jeffries337
Acteens – Sarah Schmitt636-399-9471
Affiliation with MBC/SBC – Rick Hedger316
Annie Armstrong Offering – Cheryl Stahlman573-206-9804
Annual Meeting General Information – Paula Earls342
Annual Meeting Program – Carla Stegeman301
Annual Meeting Room Reservation – Nancy Plaster346
Annuity and Insurance for Churches – Gene Foster334
Apologetics – Rob Phillips304
Associations / DOMs – Spencer Hutson625
Associational Administration – Spencer Hutson625
Associational Discipleship – Brad Bennett328
Associational Evangelism – Brad Bennett328
Associational WMU – Cheryl Stahlman573-206-9804
Audio-Visual Services – Chris Brizendine341


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Baptist Builders – Eric Barb317
Baptist Building Receptionist – Wilma Lewis400
Baptist Student Union Properties – Brooks Crawford354
Bivocational Ministers – Jim Misloski318
Book of Reports -TBDN/A
Building and Properties Manager – Brooks Crawford354


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Challengers – Travis Webb417-230-6211
Chaplaincy – Disaster Relief – Gaylon Moss/Eric Barb314/317
Chaplaincy – Partners in Care – Jim Misloski318
Children In Action – Abigail Moore573-501-1239
Children’s Ministry – Brad Bennett328
Christian Counseling – Jim Misloski318
Christian Life Commission – Don Hinkle312
Church Addresses – Pam Jeffries337
Church Benefits – Gene Foster334
Church Budget/Financing – Jim Misloski318
Church Evangelism – Brad Bennett328
Church Facilities & Capital Funding – Spencer Hutson625
Church Minister Relations – Jim Misloski318
Church Revitalization – Brandon Moore339
Church Secretaries – Pam Jeffries337
Church Staff Compensation Planning – Gene Foster334
Collegiate Ministries – Tamara Parry365
Collegiate Missions – Tamara Parry365
Communications – Rob Phillips/Christie Dowell304/303
Constitution/Bylaws Church – Jim Misloski318
Constitution/Bylaws MBC – Carla Stegeman301
Controller – Samantha Spencer366
Convention and Convention Committees – Carla Stegeman301
Cooperative Program Budget – Samantha Spencer366
Cooperative Program Promotion – Rob Phillips/Christie Dowell304/303
Credentials Committee – Rick Hedger316
Credit Union Office – Jenifer Seaver573-635-4428
Credit Union FAX number573-636-4325


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Data Processing/Technology – Chris Brizendine341
Database Updates – Pam Jeffries337
Deacons/Elders – Jim Misloski318
Developing Leaders – Jim Misloski318
Disaster Relief – Gaylon Moss/Eric Barb314/317
Discipleship – Brad Bennett328


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Evangelism/Discipleship – Brad Bennett328
Event Coordinator – Chris Brizendine341
Executive Board Information – Carla Stegeman301
Executive Director – John Yeats/Carla Stegeman301/301


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Financial Services – Samantha Spencer366


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Girls In Action (GA’s) – Abigail Moore573-501-1239
Global Hunger – Stacy Seaton336
Graphic Services – TBDN/A


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Historical Commission – Carla Stegeman301
Historical Commission Anniversary Certificates – Carla Stegeman301
Human Resources – Paula Earls342


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Information Technology – Chris Brizendine341
Insurance – Paula Earls342
International Collegiate Ministries – Tamara Parry365
International Ministries – Rick Hedger316


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Leadership Training: Pastors/Deacons/Laity – Brandon Moore318
Legislative Services – Don Hinkle312
Lottie Moon Offering – Cheryl Stahlman573-206-9804


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Maintenance – Kelly Myers368
MBC Committees – Carla Stegeman301
MBC Directory – Nancy Plaster346
MBC Entities Liaison – Jim Misloski318
Media Relations – Rob Phillips304
Messenger Cards (MBC) – Stacey Goodwin359
Messenger Cards (SBC) – Stacey Goodwin359
Ministry Evangelism – Brad Bennett328
Ministry Wives – Stacy Seaton336
Mission Friends – Vivian Howell816-214-1132
Missouri Missions Offering – Rob Phillips/Christie Dowell304/303
Missouri Missions Offering Materials – Christie Dowell303
Multiplying Churches – Rick Hedger316


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
New Ministers’ Orientation – Jim Misloski318
Nominating Committee – Carla Stegeman301


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Partnership Missions – Rick Hedger316
Pastoral Ministries – Jim Misloski318
Pathway/Public Policy – Don Hinkle/Beth Peeper312/313
Personnel Records – Paula Earls342
Properties Management – Brooks Crawford354


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Resolutions (MBC) – Pam Jeffries337
Royal Ambassadors (RA’s) – Travis Webb417-230-6211


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Search Committee Information (Church) – Jim Misloski318
Social Media (MBC) – Tony Boes345
Southern Baptist Convention – Paula Earls342
Special Education – Brad Bennett328
Sports Evangelism – Brad Bennett328
State Convention Information – Carla Stegeman301
State Fair Ministry – Spencer Hutson625
Stewardship Promotion – Rob Phillips304
Student Ministry – Brad Bennett328
Summer Missionaries – Abby Webb314.614.7163
Sunday School/Small Group – Brent Longenecker350


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Tax Exemption Application/501(c)3 Charter Letters – Samantha Spencer366
Taxes/Information/Church & Ministers – Gene Foster334
Technology – Chris Brizendine341
Tours – Paula Earls342
Transitional Pastors – Jim Misloski318


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
VBS (Vacation Bible School) – Tamara Parry365
Videographer – Neil Sneed340


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Website (MBC) – Tony Boes345
Woman’s Missionary Union – Cheryl Stahlman573-206-9804
Women on Mission – Valerie Howe417-588-7458


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone
Youth on Mission – TBDN/A


Area of EmphasisExt. / Phone