1) Get The Pathway, the MBC’s official news journal

Email bpeeper@mobaptist.org with your name and address, and you’ll receive 21 free issues per year, delivered right to your door.

2) Attend the MBC Annual Meeting Oct. 26-27 in St. Charles

3) Send your youth to Super Summer at Southwest Baptist University or Hannibal LaGrange University

4) Join the force of 2000+ Missouri Baptists trained in disaster relief

5) Engage a college student in summer missions

6) Get involved in partnership missions (Mexico, Italy, Minnesota/Wisconsin)

7) Get trained in VBS, Disaster Relief, Stewardship, Church Security, and more.

Find resources throughout this website.

8) Engage in a collegiate campus ministry near you

Remember: You’re part of something bigger through the cooperative ministries of Missouri Baptists.