“How To” Resources

How to Start a Praise Band

When I was first starting in the Music Ministry and I had a choir of 16, with a 400.00 yearly budget, the concept of an orchestra or even praise band seemed pretty far-fetched. I did have a strong instrumental background, and I had a passion for instrumental music. But, it just seemed that an orchestra was not feasible. I look back, however, and realize that I did some things right in preparation. Chiefly, I kept myself open to learning about starting an instrumental ensemble. I think that the idea was always kept ever-present by the Holy Spirit…

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How to Start an Instrumental Music Ministry

To many in worship leading, the concept of an instrumental music program may seem “high-falootin’”, to some “passé”, or to some . . . daunting. As an instrumentalist . . . first, and a singer . . . second, I want to encourage you, no matter the size and no matter the style of your church, to consider starting an instrumental music program for various reasons…

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How to Get Ready for Sunday

An honor that we worship leaders have is getting the music ready for Sunday. It is an opportunity to draw people to be wholly focused on God. But, sometimes the eternal Getting Ready for Sunday may seem to be more of a sentence than an honor. Permit me to offer some help and share with you how I typically plan the musical aspect of the worship service…

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