Trust God in Everything! — For we are His Masterpiece… E2:10

TGE Event for Tweens, Teens, and Women

March 8 – 9, 2014
Registration (Open Oct 1)
Tan-Tar-A Resort – Osage Beach

Classes for Grades 3-6, 7-8, Teens and Women

We’re VERY EXCITED to be able to offer this in two locations for 2014.

TGE Registration Fee: $30/person
Registration begins on October 1st, when you can select your location and register.

Grades 9 – 12 will join the women in selecting the classes they will attend. Numerous class types and options will be offered. There will be a couple of Bible study classes for Mom’s and Daughters to attend together. Mom’s have been asking for this and we’re working hard to provide this!

When registering, please be prepared with names of all attendees, grade in school and t-shirt size. T-Shirts will be available for purchase; giving sizes does not require a purchase.

In 2014, the tweens will have classes and the teens will make choices, along with the women, from the many class offerings. There will be something at all times for all ages and generations.

Partial Listing of Classes  for Teens (Grades 9-12) and Women:

  • His Story in My Story
  • Creative Correction
  • Hardcore Battle Plan  (Every woman needs to hear this information.)
  • Is That the Holy Spirit Speaking to Me?
  • Give Up.  Give In.  Surrender!
  • Unconditional Love
  • We’ve Done That, and That…..Now What?  (For women who lead and teach Bible Studies and/or Lead Women’s Ministry Groups.)
  • Interactive Bible Study for EVERYONE!

Once again, we are changing things up for the tweens, the teens and the women. Register early! We anticipate being sold out at both locations. Both locations will offer indoor pools. Tan-Tar-A will offer Timber Falls Water Park and all other activities within the resort for an additional charge or fee.

2014 TGE Promotional Poster (PDF)


Tan-Tar-A Resort

Call 1.800.826.8272 for special rates for overnight reservations.
Use of Indoor Pool:  Free
Use of Water Park:  $17 per person ($5  non swim fee)
Use of Bowling Alley:  $3.00 per person per game
Large Arcade Available on Site
Burger King, Sabarro’s and Resort Restaurant available for meals.