It’s time to stop just having Sunday School… and start Using Sunday School for Kingdom Growth!
It’s time to engage Missouri… through new Sunday School groups!


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Any time during the 2014 Sunday School Year!


Fall MBC Regional SS Training Events

• Church/Associational SS Training Events (as requested)

• “Extreme Sunday School Challenge – Engaging Our World Through New Groups” Lifeway Training Resource

• “Be a Catalyst: Start New Groups” – Sunday School Resource developed by the SBC State Sunday School Directors Association

Show-Me Sunday State-Wide Sunday School High Attendance Day” resource materials

Transformational Groups - Defines a simple process to lead your groups from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Three Roles for Guiding Groups - A four session resource helping those who lead Bible study better understand and share what it means to be the teacher who “stands before,” the shepherd who “sits among,” and the leader who is responsible for carrying out the goals of and purposes of the group.