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Ministry Grid is a revolutionary, new church leader development platform for pastors, staff, and lay leaders that is unprecedented in scope of content, customization, and simplicity. This web-based video training service features more than 1,000 video courses on topics ranging from polity to parking ministry. It’s training made simple.

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Dear Pastor and Sunday School leaders,
Have you ever wished that there was an online resource where your leaders could turn for help with Sunday School? Things like how to start a new group, but also why start new groups anyway? Some fresh ideas about how to prepare their weekly Bible study, or how to develop new leaders in their class and why they need to be developing them? Or, just what does a gospel-centered group do? Well that resource is here!
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3 Roles for Guiding Groups: Teacher, Shepherd, Leader by David Francis and Ken Braddy is a four-session resource helping those who lead Bible study better understand and share what it means to be the teacher who “stands before,” the shepherd who “sits among,” and the leader who is responsible for carrying out the goals and purposes of the group. This resource will ultimately help that person grow in all three roles.

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Extreme Sunday School Challenge: Engaging Our World Through New Groups is a 46-page booklet that presents a rationale for starting new Bible study groups in the local church. Bruce Raley along with David Francis identify the potential new groups carry in reaching a community and developing believers. Essentials for starting new groups are defined as well as starting points. The authors propose that new groups lead to reaching lost people, maturing disciples, engaging people in ministry, and increasing available resources for ministry.

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