Show-Me Sunday

Sunday School High Attendance Sunday


What is Show-Me Sunday?

Have you ever taken a rubber band and stretched it, then released it? It goes back to its original size doesn’t it? Well, not quite. You see once you stretch the rubber band it never goes back to being as small as it originally was. And the more you stretch it, the bigger it will eventually become.

That’s the idea behind having a Sunday School High Attendance Day. Sure, you may have a large crowd on the special day and then attendance will probably go back down the next Sunday. But if you have done your homework, then you will probably pick up a few new Sunday School attenders. And, over time, your average attendance will increase significantly.

The purpose of this emphasis is to draw attention to Sunday School and to use the excitement of a new Sunday School year to get your members enthused about attending Sunday School and especially about inviting lost people to come with them.

You can plan your High Attendance Sunday for anytime in the year that works best for your church. All of the materials are undated. Our hope is that every Sunday School class, leader, and member in our Missouri Baptist Churches will take the challenge to grow their class, reach lost people for Christ and work toward starting a new class or small group during the year.

A full-color poster, reproducible commitment cards, class attendance cards and bulletin inserts are available to help you promote this event in your church. Show-Me Sunday is part of our “Show-Me Sunday School Growth Challenge” and will be a great day to encourage your Sunday School classes to start a new Sunday School class or small group Bible study.

Why Show-Me Sunday?

A recent survey revealed that of those who join a church and only attend worship, 15% are active after five years.  Of those who join a church and attend Sunday School and worship, 87% are active after five years.  Sunday School is the church’s strategy and method for assimilating new members.  Show-Me Sunday is a choice opportunity for your church to give a fresh expression of compassion for members and prospects who need Bible study.   Invite your friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates to join you for Sunday School!

Show-Me Sunday Options

Your emphasis can be a one day event on Show-Me Sunday or it could be a month long campaign and include some or all of these events:

  • emphasizing a special age group each week;
  • setting a weekly Sunday School attendance goal;
  • setting an enrollment goal for new Sunday School members;
  • planning prospect discovery events;
  • conducting weekly Show-Me visitation nights; and
  • conducting a Show-Me high attendance/evangelism day to conclude emphasis.

Show-Me Sunday Resources (Two Themes Available)

Promotional materials include: Color Posters, Class Attendance Sheets, Bulletin Inserts, and Commitment Cards. All of these materials are located on this website and are free to download. Also on this website we have some great helps for conducting an expanded Sunday School Attendance campaign.