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How To Sunday School Manual

HowToSSManual_300“The How To Sunday School Manual is a compilation of short, to-the-point articles from experts and practitioners that offer practical tips and advice for organizing and leading your church’s Sunday School ministry.”
This manual:

Serves as a reference guide for the person expected to know how to administer an effective Sunday School;

Gives you practical actions you can take for planning, leading, and evaluating your Sunday School;

Provides all the forms and tools needed to complete the actions outlined.

How to Sunday Manual
by Wayne Poling
Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press, 2009
ISBN: 1-4158-6598-1

Outreach Teams That Win: GROW

outreach-teams“This resource is based on the phenomenally successful outreach approach: G.R.O.W. (God Rewards Our Work). Church members are asked to commit just one evening each month to outreach – with several avenues of outreach from which they can choose.”

Outreach Teams That Win: G.R.O.W.
by Jerry Tidwell
Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press, 1997
ISBN 0-7673-9276-0 (book)

Six Core Values of Sunday School

SixCoreValuesSS_300“The discipline of executing these six fundamentals will result in a successful, fruitful Sunday School ministry. There is no magie involved in developing a healthy Sunday School – just hard work.

“Our core values will shape us, for out of our principles come our philosophy and out of our philosophy comes our practices. Core values will help us move from doing things right to doing the right things. They will expose themselves in the litmus tests of setting standards, establishing policies, and making decisions.

“Embracing these six core values will make your Sunday School manageable, measurable, and moveable!”

The Six Core Values of Sunday School: A Philosophical, Practical, & Passionate Approach to Sunday School
by Allan Taylor
Woodstock, GA: Allan Taylor, 2003
ISBN: 0-9706117-6-5

Spiritual Gifts

SpiritualGifts_300“God gives spiritual gifts to believers. By discovering and using your gifts, you can experience supernatural joy, energy, and effectiveness as you serve Him.

Spiritual Gifts will help new Christians discover their gifts and those long experienced in church to gain marvelous new insights about how the church works best when all members serve out of their giftedness.”

Spiritual Gifts: A Practical Guide to How God Works Through You
by David Francis
Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press, 2003
ISBN: 0-6330-9936-8

Sunday School Done Right

SSDoneRight_300“30 minute sessions that will encourage you to rethink and revive your Sunday School program. Sessions focus on topics like strategy, leadership, and consistency, among others.

David Francis states that this resource “will motivate the leaders in your Bible study ministry, whether you call it Sunday School or something else. They’ll be inspired by his passion, equipped by his principles, encouraged by his application, and entertained by his style. Churches of all sizes will benefit from Sunday School Done Right!

Sunday School Done Right! A Leadership Training Strategy for Reaching, Teaching and Ministering
by Allan Taylor
Dallas, TX: Sampson Resources, 2007
ISBN 9781933376783 (Leader Guide)ISBN 9781933376776 (Participant Guide)ISBN 9781933376769 (Leader Kit)

Sunday School in HD

SSinHD_300“Has the focus on Sunday Schhol at your church become blurry or altogether lost?

“To improve on what is not being clearly seen isn’t easy. But here’s a ready solution. Sunday School in HD gives you a high-definition look at the crucial role Sunday School must play in producing healthy Christians who in turn produce healthy, growing churches.

“With contagious passion and purpose, ministry professional Allan Taylor helps us see the importance of the Sunday School model to the total church ministry. His expertixe shows how Sunday School has a superior ability to nurture deepening spiritual relationships and stir action toward the Great Commission across every age group, unifying the whole.

“Your church’s approach may not need to be overly traditional – there’s plenty of room for unique ideas – but the focused Sunday School vision Taylor presents will have you reaching, teaching, and ministering to people at a whole new level just the same.”

Sunday School in HD
by Allan Taylor
Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2009
ISBN: 987-0-8054-4973-0

Sunday School Growth & Evaluation Plan (Sunday School Growth Spiral)

Our sister Convention, the Louisiana Baptist Convention, has done an excellent job of putting together a series of videos that explain how the Sunday School Growth & Evaluation Plan works and how to use it. This is a remake of the old Sunday School Growth Spiral that was created by Andy Anderson many years ago and has been used successfully by so many churches to grow their Sunday Schools. You might call this the Sunday School Growth Spiral Part Two.

Click here for a link to the web site at the Louisiana Baptist Convention –

We recommend this Growth & Evaluation Plan to churches that are struggling to know what God’s direction is for their Sunday School. This plan can help your church get a real snapshot of where your Sunday School is now, and where it can be one year from now with God’s help and planning. If you have questions about the plan or need help in implementing the plan in your church, please contact Mark Donnell, MBC State Sunday School Specialist at (800) 736-6227 ext. 413.

Sunday School Leader


Dear Pastor and Sunday School leaders,

Have you ever wished that there was an online resource where your leaders could turn for help with Sunday School? Things like how to start a new group, but also why start new groups anyway? Some fresh ideas about how to prepare their weekly Bible study, or how to develop new leaders in their class and why they need to be developing them? Or, just what does a gospel-centered group do?

Well that resource is here at!

Let’s face it… many of our Sunday School leaders lack the training that we wish they had, and purchasing training resources can often be expensive. Also, when one of your leaders needs help, they want it right then – not at the next training clinic! With, your teachers can be part of an ongoing network and dialogue where they can learn not only “how” to have an evangelistic, Bible-teaching group… but also “why” it is important. In addition, they will have the ability to access some excellent resources to help them become a better leader and discipler.

During the past century, Sunday School was often defined as “the church organized for ministry”. In the 21st century, Sunday School or small groups are even more important than ever. Today, classes and groups are how the church is going on mission to its community and world.

I encourage you to send your people to and provide them with ongoing opportunities to grow and add depth to their ministry.

Mark Donnell
Sunday School Specialist
Missouri Baptist Convention