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nssds-buttonNational Sunday School Director Seminar
Meeting September 12, 2015 at FBC Raytown in Raytown, MO, NSSDS training is highly energetic, intensely focused, quick-moving, and totally devoted to Sunday School Leaders. Registration fee is only $39 per person. Get More Information
groups-matter-buttonStarting New Groups
New groups are essential if a church is going to accomplish Kingdom goals, have less conflict, and reflect the nature of Christ. Get resources for starting new small groups.
ministry-gridMinistry Grid
Ministry Grid is a revolutionary, new church leader development platform for pastors, staff, and lay leaders that is unprecedented in scope of content, customization, and simplicity. This web-based video training service features more than 1,000 video courses on topics ranging from polity to parking ministry. It’s training made simple. Visit the website.