State Fair Ministry

Meet our MBC’s coordinator and Chairman of the State Fair Ministry:

Fellowship Baptist Association - David L. Mifflin, DOM
19437 Baptist Ridge Road
Warsaw, MO 65355
660.438.6678 (office)

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Welcome to the State Fair Ministry!  Each year the Missouri Directors of Missions Fellowship sponsors an outreach/evangelism ministry tent at the Missouri State Fair.  As I read Acts 1:8 I find that — as a Christian — I am commanded to be a witness.  If a person is called upon to take the witness stand it is to share testimony of what they know.  In the DOM State Fair Ministry, we simply ask volunteers to share their personal salvation testimony in three minutes with fair patrons.

I have heard some amazing testimonies from those who have volunteered!  One senior adult volunteer came up to the administrative table with a smile as wide as the Mississippi River saying that she had finally had an opportunity to lead someone to Christ….it changed her life as much as the person who made that profession of faith!  Others have commented that, now they have been involved, they are not nearly as intimidated at the prospect of sharing their personal testimony.  Still others have said something like, “I think this is something we can take back to our community as an outreach effort!”

I have come to appreciate the results I see from the DOM Fellowship’s State Fair Ministry!  Through this ministry, I see at least four significant results.  First, I see people coming to Christ.  Second, I see that seeds are being planted where, perhaps, there has been no gospel influence at all.  Third, I see discipleship opportunities as volunteers share their personal testimony….perhaps for the very first time.  Fourth, I see that volunteers are taking the three-minute testimony concept back to their local areas and implementing outreach efforts there.

If you or a group from your association or church would like to volunteer for the State Fair Ministry or would like training for a three-minute testimony, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  At the fair, we work two shifts daily….9:30 am to 2:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm….each day of the fair.