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OneCry: A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening
OneCry: A Call to Spiritual Awakening is a challenge, a plea for readers to shake off spiritual apathy and wake up to the hope of God moving with extraordinary power in our day. It paints a picture of both desperation and hope – without spiritual revival our country has no hope, but when it comes we will need no other hope.” Get More Information.
Ron Dunn: His Life and Mission
“Ron Dunn (1936 – 2001) was an international itinerate Bible teacher whose life still inspires many of today’s most influential pastors. In this new biography, fellow disciple Ron Owens writes to pass along the spirit and passion of this man who, from his mother’s womb, was called to preach the Word of God.” Get More Information.
Manley Beasley: Man of Faith – Instrument of Revival
“This is the story of not just a man, but of his message—a timeless message for every generation—a message greatly needed in our day. On these pages are found the biblical principles of faith and of how to deal with adversity. From intensive care units to the pulpits of America and beyond, Brother Manley, as he was known to the thousands of lives he touched, goes on living through the testimonies and teachings found in this book that some are saying is destined to become a classic.” Get more information.