Estate Planning Resources

For more information regarding available resources, or to order one of the resources listed below, contact Tanya by phone at (800)736-6227 ext. 333, or by email at

Because I Love You: Christian Legacy Organizer

because-i-love-youConsidered by its creators to be “The ULTIMATE ORGANIZER for family, household, finance, retirement, estate, and caregiving needs”, this resource is available to Missouri Baptists to help families think through what they will leave behind.  Far from just financial advice, this legacy organizer offers advice and prompts for working through:

  • Household and Family Matters
  • Financial Matters
  • Retirement and Medical Matters
  • End of Life Planning Matters
  • Estate Planning Matters
  • Recommendations for Additional Resources.

Hot Button Characteristics: Age Sensitive Estate Planning Issues

hot-button-issuesEstate planning can look very different for individuals in different stages of life. This helpful resource is meant to assist families in thinking through what they should be doing now to plan for the future. We are never too young to think through the legacy we will leave behind.