Samaria Partnerships (USA)

Upstate New York

The first step in the partnership with the Hudson Baptist Association in Upstate New York is to understand what God is already doing in the lives of people in the area so that we can effectively partner with them in the years to come. We accomplish this by going on Vision Trips, and the second of these trips is almost here. Pray about this opportunity, explore the details below and, if you believe God is leading you to take part, contact Rick Hedger for more information.


  • Prayerwalking
  • Evangelism
  • Partner in church planting
  • Strengthen churches by assisting in development of Acts 1:8 Missional Strategy

Looking Up-State: Videos

Join pastors Derek Duncan, church planter in Poughkeepsie, NY, and Pete Shults, church planter in Kingston, NY, as they share stories from the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Pastor Lyndrell Randle shares of the great need for the gospel in the Capital region of Upstate New York where more than two-million people live.

Western Massachusetts is in desparate need of gospel-preaching churches, and God is already using NAMB catalyst Sean Pierce, along with local pastors, to meet this need.



As a neighboring state, we have a special relationship with Iowa, and we are working hard to do everything we can to support the Baptist Convention of Iowa as they develop leaders, plant churches and create a missional mindset. More information will be forthcoming, including the merger of our Iowa partnership with the I-29 Corridor project, so check back soon.

           Iowa Associations

Canada-Northern Ontario


The Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) has a goal of reaching a national total of 1,000 CNBC churches by the year 2020. With this in mind, Missouri Baptists are partnering with CNBC and Northern Ontario so that new churches will be started and current churches will be strengthened. To learn more, take a look at the resources below.

         Docs & Links


“I contact brother Jordan, 45 years old man, more than a year. He was a heavy drinker and not open heart. But he often join our Bible study and Sunday service. My wife, Mary, and I are praying for him for a long time. At one of our Sunday services, I preached the crucified Christ and he responded. Then, I taught him Christian water baptism and baptized him. He testimonied one day that he rejected his friend’s request for drink, because he is a baptized Christian. Praise The Lord.”


“Brother Peterson is a 12 years old boy. He came to my Bible study class with his grandmother. He also came to the place where the two brothers are baptized. He asked me that how to baptize. I taught him the way of salvation and Christian water baptism. He accepted Jesus as his savior and confessed his faith. Therefore, I baptized him the next week.”


Andrew Lamme
Lead Catalyst Ontario
Phone:  905-829-5244 (O)

Pat & Nadine Armstrong
Church Starting Advocate for Northern Ontario
Phone: 705-534-3548

Jeremy Mahood
Pastor, All Nations Church, Sudbury, ON
Phone: 705-673-6110