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Heartland Interstate Strategy (I29 Corridor)

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The HIS (Heartland Interstate Strategy) emerged as State Executive Directors from Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Iowa began to dream about how we could advance the gospel to the west and in the far north, to the east and west. The dream became a vision to plant churches all along the Heartland Interstate. These churches would be strengthened so that they then would advance both east and west to be a sending center in the United States to get the Gospel to an area in great need.

Currently there is a team with representatives from all of the above mentioned State Conventions meeting, praying, dreaming and strategizing to place dots on a map of major cities. Each dot represents the need for a new church to be planted. Only as we work together will we see this dream realized. It is called cooperation. You can be an integral part in seeing this vision come to fruition. You can pray, give, send and go as individuals and churches. In the words of Dr. John Yeats, “We can do this!” Let’s do it together!

For more information on the Heartland Interstate Strategy, or to discover how you might become involved, contact Rick Hedger at or Coordinator Jeffrey Chavez at

Upstate New York

The first step in the partnership with the Hudson Baptist Association in Upstate New York is to understand what God is already doing in the lives of people in the area so that we can effectively partner with them in the years to come. We accomplish this by going on Vision Trips, and the second of these trips is almost here. Pray about this opportunity, explore the details below and, if you believe God is leading you to take part, contact Rick Hedger for more information.

  • Prayerwalking
  • Evangelism
  • Partner in church planting
  • Strengthen churches by assisting in development of Acts 1:8 Missional Strategy
Looking Up-State: Videos
Join pastors Derek Duncan, church planter in Poughkeepsie, NY, and Pete Shults, church planter in Kingston, NY, as they share stories from the Mid-Hudson Valley.
Pastor Lyndrell Randle shares of the great need for the gospel in the Capital region of Upstate New York where more than two-million people live.
Western Massachusetts is in desparate need of gospel-preaching churches, and God is already using NAMB catalyst Sean Pierce, along with local pastors, to meet this need.



As a neighboring state, we have a special relationship with Iowa, and we are working hard to do everything we can to support the Baptist Convention of Iowa as they develop leaders, plant churches and create a missional mindset.

Iowa Churches by Association