Hunger Ministry

Global Hunger Relief

GHR-logoThe Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund is now Global Hunger relief.Click here for information on the name changeThere is also a new website, available at

Hunger is no respecter of geography or ethnic group. It can be felt in an apartment in Eastern Europe, a cardboard shack in Central America, a tent in the Sahara, or a farmhouse in rural America.

Southern Baptist missionaries and volunteers are offering nourishment for the body and soul. And every Southern Baptist can have a part in those ministries through gifts to Global Hunger Relief.

While Christ-followers, including Southern Baptists, are doing something about hunger in the U.S. and around the world, we could be doing a lot more. In fact, we can be assured that God expects us to do much more. He expects us to demonstrate an urgency to pray, to give, and to minister on behalf of those who are hungry–both physically and spiritually.

When will you get personal about hunger? If we take God’s Word seriously, the malnourished and hungry are our problem. Those who are afflicted were made in the image of God. He cares about them, which means we are to care about their welfare as well.

World Hunger Statistics

In 2013 (from January to September), through the Hunger Monies of MMO and NAMB, MBC Hunger Ministries reported:

  • Numbers Fed — 92,346
  • Evangelistic Encounters — 17,033
  • Professions of Faith — 409
  • Baptisms — 235
  • Volunteers Trained in Evangelism — 291
  • Bible Studies Started — 15
  • New Ministries — 7
  • Churches Planted — 1

Updates to these totals should be available in January 2014 once final tallies for 2013 are completed.