ESL & Literacy Missions

The primary goal of Literacy Missions is to intentionally share and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is done as we meet the needs of adults who are functional nonreaders, people who need to learn to speak English, and school age children and youth who need help with school.

Literacy Facts

  • 1-5 adults in the US cannot read at a functional level.
  • 60% of the prison population and 85% of the juvenile offenders are functional illiterate.
  • Lack of reading skills is the primary cause of drop-outs among school-age youth.  Children and youth who lack reading skills have very poor self-esteem.
  • More than 500,000 immigrants come to this country each year.  Many do not speak English and have difficulty understanding our culture.

Benefits of Literacy Missions Ministries

  • Provides Christians with a non-threatening way to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Leads to new church members and starting ethnic churches.
  • Involves church members in ministry locally and not all need to be trained.  Many different skill levels and ages can be involved.
  • Allows church staff and others to visit and be welcomed in an un-churched family home.