Countdown Timers

Sharing Christ’s Love

The first category of ministries in the Missouri Missions Offering is “Sharing Christ’s Love throughout Missouri.” This five-minute countdown lists projects from this category and gives examples of accomplishments. Download (.mp4)

Sending Missionaries & Starting Churches

Here are the second and third categories of MMO ministries combined into a single countdown to let your congregation see how these key projects send workers for the gospel and plant new churches. Download (.mp4)

Strengthening Churches

This is the final category of MMO ministries. Show your church the events, resources, and projects available to make churches in Missouri stronger and more effective through your generous gifts to MMO. Download (.mp4)

Short Commercials

MMO: One Offering, Total Support

Here’s a quick, humorous commercial to explain how giving to a single offering supports a multitude of ministries. By the way, those who are old enough should be able to recognize what this is spoofing! Download (.mp4)

Online Giving

Forgot to bring cash or your checkbook this Sunday morning? No problem! Just recently, this new and easy feature was added to allow individuals to give to MMO whenever it’s convenient for them. Download (.mp4)

Where Your Gifts Go

This light and memorable video lists examples of what your money is used for when it’s given to MMO. Download (.mp4) 

La Ofrenda de Misiones de Missouri Promoción

This is the Spanish language version of the “Where Your Gifts Go” video. Download (.mp4) 

Ministry Highlights

Intro Video

1 Kings 17:15-16 is the scripture passage to go along with this year’s theme, “Our Obedience…His Abundance.” This video explains the connection between the Missouri Missions Offering and this theme as read by Matt Kearns, leader of the MBC’s Leadership Development Team. Download (.mp4)

Hunger Funds

Part of the “Sharing Christ’s Love throughout Missouri” category is Hunger Funds, which help volunteers like Teresa Conn of Morehouse to regularly feed and teach God’s Word to children in need. Download (.mp4)

Associational Partnerships

This video explains Baptist associations throughout the state and how MMO helps them with their missions work. This is part of the “Sending Missouri Missionaries” category. Download (.mp4)

Church Revitalization

A new addition to MMO this year, Church Revitalization is an important part of the ministry category “Strengthening Missouri Churches”. This video explains why the projects to support this effort are so necessary. Download (.mp4)

Multi-Ethnic Church Planting: Luis Mendoza

Another category of MMO is “Starting more Missouri Churches.” See the story of Luis Mendoza, who has spent his adult life in ministry bringing the gospel to the multi-ethnic culture in Missouri, which also results in spreading it to other nations around the world. Download (.mp4)

Getting Started

Getting Started

This is a video showing how your church can get started promoting MMO. The intent is for this presentation is to be viewed by church leaders to help guide them in coordinating the promotions process through six simple steps. Download (.mp4)