Getting Started

Getting Started Guide for Leaders

This video shows how your church can get started promoting MMO. It’s intended to guide church leaders through the six simple steps of the promotions process. Download (.mp4)

Countdown Timer

This worship countdown video features ministries supported through your gifts to MMO. Download (.mp4)

MMO Perspectives

The Giver

See MMO through the eyes of Eric Call and how cooperative giving is not just a passion for pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders. Download (.mp4)

The Promoter

After years of promoting MMO for her church, Ruth Biellier shares why it’s important to get the word out and help churches better understand the ministries of MMO. Download (.mp4)


The Missionary

Following his calling for evangelism, Mark Snowden explains a brand new ministry to take the gospel to urban areas of Missouri. Download (.mp4)

The Recipient

Many new churches are planted across the state with the help of MMO. See how one church helped change the course of Ramon and Tiffany Carrizales’ life. Download (.mp4)

General Promo Videos

MMO Cadence

This short, fast-paced video gives you a glimpse of MMO ministries and what many of them look like. Download (.mp4)

Rheubin’s Legacy

Hear and see, in a humorous way, the story of how the Rheubin L. South Missouri Missions Offering got its name. This video shows how one man’s effort helped support a multitude of ministries through one offering. Download (.mp4)

Where Your Gifts Go

See various examples of how your financial gifts are used to spread the gospel across Missouri, and even the world. Download (.mp4)

Prayer Videos

Eight Days of Prayer

Although financial gifts are essential for the Missouri Missions Offering, another important element of support is prayer. This video introduces you to the MMO 8 Days of Prayer so your church can pray for these ministries. Download (.mp4)