Faithful men leading men to be faithful

Looking for a tool to lead your church men to be faithful men? Contact Gary Mathes, Pastoral Ministries Specialist, at 573-636-0400 ext. 338 for more information!

Men’s Retreat


Essential Men’s Ministry is a MBC men’s ministry to be faithful.

  • For MBC churches and associations
  • As a four session weekend retreat
  • To be practical and low cost to meet the needs of almost any size church
  • To challenge you (teenagers) and older Christian men concerning their essential need—faithfulness to Jesus Christ
  • To expound on the basic Biblical truths concerning the faithful Christian man’s relationship to Scripture, the Spirit and a structure for conducting a men’s ministry
  • To illustrate dynamic Christian experiences and character found in the lives of men from the Old Testament, Jesus’ disciples and others
  • To offer discussion questions and personal exercises for practical and meaningful learning
  • To offer a basic approach to conducting a men’s ministry in the local church or association addressing the vital importance of leadership, training and relationships
  • To acknowledge available and helpful resources for the MBC, SBC and other ministry organizations


The Essential Men’s Ministry Workshop offers many benefits to its attendees:

Study how six Old Testament examples show the relationship of scripture to the faithful man’s life. Learn to follow the examples of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, and Samuel.

  • Learn the three crucial conditions of the heart in receiving the Word of God.
  • Learn how to recognize and appreciate the value of the Word of God in the faithful man’s life.
  • Discover the results of Scripture in the faithful man’s life which include blessedness, purity, wisdom, revival, spiritual strength and mercy.
  • Discover how six experiences with the Holy Spirit will enhance your relationship with God and other faithful men.
  • Learn more about the three essential elements of the faithful man which are leadership, training/equipping and relationships.
  • Discover how men’s ministry must be generation to generation, growing, gentle and genuine.

Learn the…

Four Characteristics of a faithful man:

  1. Discover how fleeing youthful lusts and all kinds of evil will protect you from harm.
  2. Learn how following Christian virtues in your daily living will improve your influence.
  3. See how fighting the good fight of faith will strengthen your daily walk.
  4. Learn how faithfully correcting those in error around you will help you influence others in a positive manner.

How does this relate to the three core values of the MBC?

By contributing to:

  1. Making Disciples by challenging and teaching men to be “faithful” in their relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ and each other.
  2. Developing Leaders through its theme of “Faithful Men Leading Men to be Faithful” and by providing practical guidance for leading a men’s ministry in the local church or association.
  3. Missional Living by encouraging men to be mission minded and involved in specific evangelistic ministries and activities.