Purpose of Light Up Missouri

Light Up Missouri is a part of GPS (God’s Plan for Sharing) Across Missouri: every believer sharing, every person hearing by 2020. The aim is to transform your community with God’s Word through servant evangelism days, seasons and moments of service.  Your church decides the most important projects to undertake. April 12 and 13, the weeks prior to Easter typically become the kickoff point for evangelizing throughout the year.

Missouri Baptists are encouraged to:

  • Conduct at least one significant Day of Service and one Season of Service. Some churches do a Day of Service during their usual meeting times, returning to the church for a celebration that evening.
  • Involve someone who is not saved to join them in intentional acts of kindness.
  • Personally hand to lost people a total of ONE MILLION copies of God’s Word in printed, audio, and storying form in 2014. The Bibles may be distributed with an offer from your church(es) for evangelistic Bible studies. They can be gifts to those in the community who join you in each project.