Project Ideas

Day of Service

    • Acts of kindness that glorify God, ideally conducted one week prior to Easter
    • Collect canned food for a local food pantry
    • Provide ground maintenance for community soccer or baseball fields
    • Hand out water bottles at a stop light
    • Collect clothing for a prison transition program, job corps, or family-care center
    • Prayerwalk communities asking locals about needs, pray on the spot, and seek to meet the need
    • Host a barbeque for local firefighters, police, city maintenance crews
    • Include Bibles in audio form (mp3) or marked copies of New Testaments, such as the Bibles to accompany an act of kindness with a Gospel witness.

Season of Service

    • Significant ministry lasting 4-6 weeks, kicks off one week prior to Easter
    • Identify an immigrant people group in the community and help them get adjusted to life in your community
    • Work with prisons on crime prevention (before), onsite ministry (during sentence), and release ministry (after); include families
    • Work with the local police department to provide youth activities in troubled neighborhoods
    • Offer tutoring services for a community school
    • Teach English as a Second Language to immigrants (ESL)
    • Offer to assist the homeless or those without work with career training, literacy training, computer skills, etc.
    • Provide school teacher appreciation activities, focusing on a different school each week providing teacher supplies, an appreciation banquet, etc.

Moment of Service

  • Pay for the people behind you in the drive-thru window and leave a Bible to pass along.
  • Ask the server in a restaurant how you can pray for their need. And pray!
  • Offer to babysit a toddler to help a young couple can have a night out so you can relate better.
  • Give someone a ride and ask how you can pray for them.
  • Invite a new friend to do a service project with you so that you can have quality time to discuss their life and let them know how Jesus can be real and personal.