Service Options

  • Day of Service:
    Ideally, Saturday or Sunday one week prior to Easter in 2014 and 2015. A Day of Service event can be held on a designated Saturday or Sunday. It can even be conducted as a weekend event. The church(es) can serve on Saturday and celebrate the event on Sunday during worship or do it all on a Sunday.
  • Season of Service:
    Seasons of Service event can last four to six weeks. Ideally, it can kick off one week prior to Easter in 2014 and 2015. It might consist of one extensive project or multiple small projects. Although it requires more planning and long-term commitment, the idea of multiple “touches” leaves a deeper and lasting impact.
  • Moments of Service:
    Individuals can do an act of kindness on their own or with their family at any time. The key is to see a need and meet it so that God is glorified.

Task Force Planning Suggestions

1.  Prepare to serve.

  • Prepare church members spiritually through sermons and small groups.
  • Compile and share demographic information from websites such as
  • Prayerwalk your community, picking up litter and talking about needs as you go.

2.  Assemble a Light Up Missouri Servant Evangelism Task Force to serve two years.

  • Not the pastor, although he is a key champion.
  • Involve the most capable workers who can catch the vision and see it through to completion.
  • Collaborate with other churches in your community.
  • Back-time everything to focus on April 12 or 13, 2014, and again in 2015, the week prior to Easter for Day of Service events and kicking off Seasons of Service

3.  Study the needs of your community prior to selecting projects.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal His direction for every project.
  • Seek out community leaders who will list the top 5 unmet needs.
  • Community leaders: government, business, education, media, civic clubs, art
  • Determine how Bibles may be distributed for maximum impact. Budget as needed.

4.  Light up your community!

  • Engage the community – social media, ads, posters, word-of-mouth, etc.
  • Invite the community to participate alongside your church members.
  • Redefine “worship service” rephrasing it to “service in worship.” Take members out of the church building to worship God by bringing Light to the community.
  • And intentionally be personally aware of opportunities you can personally meet.

5.  Celebrate what God did!

  • Hold the celebration titled “Light Up Missouri” at a pre-designated place immediately following completion of the service event.
  • Invite community members to join your church members and really light the place up with praise and worship!

6.  Follow-up and begin disciple-making right away.

  • Conduct a special discipleship class(es) for those who accepted Christ.
  • Go with new believers to share Christ with their friends, family, or co-workers – their circle of influence. Help them “Light Up Missouri” with service and God’s Word.
  • Lead the group to determine the best long-term outcome. (Options)
    Start a new church from this small group of new believers.
    Start a new small group in your church, including the new believers.
    Scatter to participate in existing small groups.