Getting Started

We would love to help equip your church to disciple through marriage and family ministry.  Please contact us by emailing Joe Ulveling or by phone at 573.636.0400 ext. 344.


What’s happening to our families? The structure and core of our church is crumbling, but what can we do to correct this? Joe Ulveling gives his perspective, and it will transform the way you look at marriage and family ministry.

Promotional Templates

The following templates are offered free of charge to help your church get started promoting a marriage or newlywed class. Templates are in .docx format and may be edited to suit your needs.

Marriage Class Brochure (Version 1)
Marriage Class Flyer (Version 1)

Marriage Class Brochure (Version 2)
Marriage Class Flyer (Version 2)

Marriage Class Brochure (Version3)
Marriage Class Flyer (Version 3)

Newlywed Class Brochure
Newlywed Class Flyer