2015 State Evangelism Conference (Furnace)


Furnace Main Sessions


Micah Fries (1st Message)

Are you a resident where God called you? Or are you still wandering? Don’t make friends so you can witness, but make friends and witness. Download: Video | Audio

Micah Fries (2nd Message)

God is making all things new, including right now. What is your response? Download: Video | Audio


Brad Brisco (1st Message)

Discover the biblical foundations for community transformation as God invites us to join Him. How do we respond to God’s calling in our lives? Download: Video | Audio

Brad Brisco (2nd Message)

Are you locked in a pattern that shuts out the world? Our homes and our churches should provide a glimpse of heaven. Walking with Jesus on a daily basis is transformative. Download: Video | Audio


D.A. Horton

Examining ourselves is not just something to do before the Lord’s Supper, but exemplifies a lifestyle for those who repent at the feet of Jesus. Sin taints those who are saved. Download: Video | Audio

Jason Allen

Dr. Allen was the only speaker who broke down the FURNACE theme passage in Daniel 3. Look beyond the faith of the three in the fire, and you’ll see the sovereignty of God. Download: Video | Audio


Gary Frost

Look closely at Acts 12 and you’ll see a New Testament version of the Furnace passage in Daniel 3. James was martyred, Peter was imprisoned, and the believers prayed. Download: Video | Audio


Furnace Pre-Conference


Bobby Welch

Bobby Welch, former SBC president. Rich man in hell (Luke 16). Are there more soul-winners in hell than among us who follow Jesus? Download: Video | Audio

Harold Mathena

Harold Mathena, evangelist from Oklahoma. At Pentecost, those who had been with Jesus were filled with the Spirit and became active witnesses. We cannot excuse ourselves from walking among crowds talking about Jesus. Download: Video | Audio


Clyde Chiles

Clyde Chiles, evangelist. Four spiritual promises for Christians to trust, delight, commit, and rest in the Lord from Proverbs 37:3-7. Download: Video | Audio


Furnace Breakout Sessions

Due to technical problems, the breakout recordings are not available. More information regarding the subjects discussed can be found on the following pages:

A Strategy to Evangelize Young Adults (Millennials) – Matt Kearns

Apologetics that Win Souls – Rob Phillips

Crossover-type Servant Evangelism Events – Victor Benavides

Engaging Partnership-Missions – Rick Hedger

Evangelizing through Exhibitions – Real Encounter Outreach (extreme sports)

Evangelizing through Exhibitions – Strength Team

God’s Plan for Evangelism – Robert F. Loggins

Introduction to Evangelistic Bible Storying (Starter Track) – Mary Ann Randall

Leading Your Church on a Church Renewal Journey – Bob & Phyllis Foy

Meeting Spiritual Need by Telephone – Dr. Ravi

Prayer for Spiritual Awakening – Malachi Obrien

Restarting Dying Churches – Gary Mathes

Social Media Evangelism – Chris Forbes

Storying for Practitioners – Mark Snowden

T4T (Training for Trainers) Introduction – JaredH


2014 State Evangelism Conference (Sowing in Tears)