GPS (GOD’S PLAN FOR SHARING) ACROSS MISSOURI is a major evangelistic campaign dedicated to every believer sharing and every person hearing in Missouri by 2020.

GPS is not a program, but a churchwide evangelism strategy. Pastors are encouraged to enlist evangelism leaders who will help their fellow members to follow these four easy steps.


1. PRAY – Jesus said to pray to God to send out workers into His harvest fields (Luke 10:2). Plan on October 5 (10/5) to be a huge annual emphasis on evangelistic praying each year! Prayer may be round-the-clock or prayerwalking your church’s community. Prayer is serious spiritual warfare! Prayer doesn’t just get us ready to share Jesus because prayer is the beginning point of sharing Jesus. Concentrated prayer changes things as God loves to hear from His people.

 2. EQUIP – Jesus sent out His disciples in pairs (Luke 10). He also instructed them before sending them out. He wanted them to glorify the Father and make crystal clear what each disciple was to do. When they were sent out, there was no uncertainty about the task, their message, or actions.

3. SOW – Massive distribution of the Gospel is different than mass distribution. When all believers are obedient making disciples, they will engage the lost in large numbers. Media tools such as tracts, videos, and apps should reinforce existing relationships. So, sow down the gospel daily and continuously! Include God’s Word in print, audio, and oral formats for maximum effectiveness. For spiritual help, those in need may call 1-888-JESUS-20 (1-888-537-8720). This phone number connects with a Telephone Encourager and a counselor trained by the North American Mission Board, SBC. GPS introduces a new emphasis every two years. Learn from these and add it to your church’s evangelism planning.

4. HARVEST – Celebrations and baptisms are necessary, but they are only the beginning point. Could you imagine harvesting a crop and just leaving it in a barn? The harvest is meant to nurture new believers and provide send them back out as prayerfully-equipped sowers. Churches must make disciples who can make disciple-makers. Sending out intentional witnesses from every church is critical to bring community transformation with the gospel.

homeslide_lightupmoThe 2014-15 two-year emphasis is on servant evangelism. In our state, this is called “Light Up Missouri.”


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