Servant evangelism IS “Light Up Missouri.” It is the current two-year GPS emphasis (God’s Plan for Sharing). Young adults respond particularly well to causes. Conduct a ministry project and invite them to come along with you!

Light Up Missouri can be conducted three ways:

  • Moments of Service – individuals showing love for others and crediting Jesus
  • Days of Service – church members meeting needs and then sharing the Gospel
  • Seasons of Service – churches doing “impossible” tasks over several weeks or months

Project Ideas

Moment of Service:

  • Pay for the people behind you in the drive-thru window and leave a Bible to pass along.
  • Build relationships by offering to babysit a young couple’s toddler, allowing them to have a night out
  • Adopt a soldier in the military and write them to encourage them, including Scripture.

Day of Service:

  • Provide ground maintenance for community soccer or ball fields
  • Make over a room in a local school
  • Prayerwalk communities asking locals about needs, pray on the spot, and seek to meet the need

Season of Service:

  • Identify an immigrant people group in the community and help them get adjusted
  • Work with the local police department to provide youth activities in troubled neighborhoods
  • Provide school teacher appreciation activities, focusing on a different school each week providing teacher supplies, an appreciation banquet, etc.


Click HERE for one page planning sheet

  • Prepare to serve.
  • Assemble a Light Up Missouri Servant Evangelism Task Force to serve two years.
  • Study the needs of your community prior to selecting projects.
  • Select a project that is appropriate for your church.
  • Light up your community!
  • Celebrate what God did!
  • Follow-up and begin disciple-making right away.