Would you like to test a new tract? The C2C Fold-it Tract is now available free for your use. “Creation to the Cross” is the first Bible panorama tract of its kind and we developed it in cooperation with IMB.

This year, Missouri Baptists are seeking to distribute One Million Bibles in print, audio, and oral forms. This collection certainly counts as it provides the meta-narrative of God’s Word. The stories included in the tract are biblically-faithful and not embellished.

The C2C Fold-it Tract is not intended for mass distribution. However, it is a powerful visual tool for an oral presentation by believers. Please do not use the tract where it is not able to be purchased (from us) as it will actually limit reproducibility. The 3” X 3” folding tract comes in a zipped pouch with a two-part script. The standard C2C script is detachable at the bottom of the guide. This is typically for a gospel presentation. The longer script is designed for discipling new believers. It also provides the Bible stories behind the C2C presentation.

We have several hundred available for believers to use in your ministry. Those who request to use it through the summer must be willing to provide a report via email to Mark Snowden by August 31. This will help us determine if the tool and the need for evangelism-discipleship training is viable for use in Missouri and beyond. Future copies after the test should not cost more than $1.50 each.

If you would like two—or more, just let Beth Peeper know (bpeeper@mobaptist.org).