What is it?

“Creation to the Cross” is the first Bible panorama tract of its kind! Missouri Baptists developed it in cooperation with IMB.

In 2014, Missouri Baptists are seeking to distribute One Million Bibles in print, audio, and oral forms. This collection certainly counts as it provides the meta-narrative of God’s Word. The stories included in the tract are biblically-faithful and not embellished.

“During the State Fair Evangelism Outreach this summer, I used the tract to present the Gospel to a family of seven. They were attracted by the tract’s novelty, then moved by its message. Six of the seven prayed to receive Christ! Praise God for this tract.” – Mark Snowden, evangelism-discipleship strategist, MBC.

The C2C Fold-it Tract is not intended for mass distribution. However, it is a personal visual tool for an oral presentation by believers. Please do not use the tract where it is not able to be obtained or purchased (from us) as it will actually limit reproducibility.

What you get: The 3” X 3” folding tract comes in a zipped waterproof pouch with a two-part script. There are two scripts provided. The standard five minute C2C evangelism presentation script is detachable at the bottom of the guide. The longer script is designed for discipling new believers over several sessions together. It also provides the Bible stories behind the C2C presentation.


The C2C tract is free to Missouri Baptists and $1.00 each for all others.  If you would like two—or more, just let Sharon Paris know by writing sparis@mobaptist.org.