Discipleship FAQs


What is the role of discipleship?

Discipleship is the process and strategy to develop a believer into a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

What are closed groups?

A closed-group strategy exists to build kingdom leaders and to equip believers to serve by engaging people in discipleship that moves them toward spiritual transformation through short-term, self-contained training units in an atmosphere of accountability to God and to each other. (Gene Mims, Kingdom Principles of Church Growth, Revised and Expanded, Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press, 2001, p. 110.)

When do discipleship groups meet?

Anytime, any place would be the correct answer to this question. When persons are available and where there is a need or a solution to be met. Though Sunday evening has been the traditional time, now discipleship groups are meeting at many different times and days of the week and in various locations.

Who leads a discipleship group?

In a local church setting, there should be a person designated, selected and or elected to be the Discipleship Director. This person then will gather a group of persons around them to plan and conduct discipleship events. Based on discipleship needs, then various persons are selected to be the leader of the discipleship group. Care should be taken to offer discipleship development opportunities for all age groups.

How do I discover discipleship needs?

Explore Discipleship Strategies.