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Good Advice:

“Too many times we think of local church discipleship as a program where church members meet at a specific time. Ultimately, though, discipleship is really about becoming more like Christ. And we become more like Him as we read and study His Word. The Bible is inspired by the Spirit, so it is transformative for the believer. Reading and studying the Bible daily may be the most important act a Christian can do to grow as a disciple.

Those Christians who read their Bibles daily are more likely:

  • To give generously to the church.
  • To be active in a small group or Sunday school class.
  • To share their faith more often.
  • To spend greater time in prayer.
  • To attend worship services regularly.
  • To be involved in local ministries and international missions.

Practical steps

  • Have a time of commitment to read the Bible through in the next calendar year.
  • Emphasize from the pulpit the importance of daily Bible reading.
  • Have a plan of daily Bible reading that leads to each week’s sermon.
  • Provide video testimonies of transformed lives of those who read the Word each day.
  • Build a website that allows a community to gather to share with one another what they are learning from their time in the Bible each day.
  • Make certain the pastor and other church leaders speak in both formal and informal settings about their own priority of daily Bible reading.
  • Teach a broad overview of the Bible so the members can understand how the chapters and verses they read each day fit in the grand narrative of Scripture.”

–Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources in Facts & Trends Magazine Fall 2011

Three Discipleship Strategies

The appropriate strategy for discipleship within your church will vary, so we offer three strategies of discipleship to meet your needs:

  • 5-6 Week Strategy Resources
  • 13+ Week Strategy Resources
  • 12 Month Strategy Resources

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One Year of Intentional Disciple-Making

LifeWay’s Sergio Arce and Claude King explain the essential elements required in a solid foundation for a healthy disciple. Follow Christ’s command by formulating and implementing a plan for making disciples who follow Christ more faithfully.

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Stepping Stones to Developing Your Church’s Strategy

A detailed strategy for developing an authentic and intentional discipleship process within your church.

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Spiritual Gifts Survey

Discipling the members of your church requires understand where they at in their spiritual journey, and this spiritual gifts survey can aid pastors and lay leaders in that process.

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