State Children’s Bible Drill

Congratulations to all those involved in the 2014-2015 State Children’s Bible Drill!Check out the results. There were:

  • 43 State Winner Superior Drillers
  • 85 State Winner Drillers
  • 4 3-Year State Winner Superior Drillers

Saturday, April 23, 2016

State Children’s Bible Drill – Blue Cycle (2016-2017)

Held in four locations:

  • Children in grades 4-6 who scored at least 12 points in the church drill are eligible to participate in the associational drill.
  • Children in grades 4-6 who scored at least 16 points in the associational drill are eligible to participate in the state drill.

Drill Packet Downloads

Missouri Leader & Judges’ Guide (For drill leaders, callers and judges.)
Verses Card (LifeWay Link) — Order Blue Cycle Revised 5-1-15 Cards!
Score Sheet (.pdf)
Score Sheet Ruler (.pdf)
Tally Sheet (.pdf)
Participant Numbers (.pdf) — use Avery 5164 Labels
Request Form (Mail in your request for Drills, Seals & Certificates)
Online Request Form (Request Drills, Seals & Certificates)
Link to demonstration video on LifeWay’s website.

Blue Cycle

We will be using the Blue Cycle drills this year (2015-2016) and all children in fourth, fifth and sixth grades (or age-group equivalent for 10-12 year olds) who gave 16 or more correct responses in the associational level drill may advance to state level drill.

State Bible Drillers may use either of the following Bibles:

HCSB Drill Bible
Holman Bible Publishers
ISBN #978-1-4336-0364-8

KJV Drill Bible
Broadman Press
ISBN #978-1-5864-0945-6